Perth Cast

Silk Road Australia 2016


AliaAlia (Perth)

Alia relocated to Perth from Sydney 1991, former aerobics instructor, hip hop dancer, who stumbled across bellydance 92, joined a troupe, immersed in the culture & master teachers, entwined it into a new full time venture of Alia Bellydancer. Performing from Camel paddocks to Government house, home and abroad.

Adding Burlesque, Zumba, hula hoops as well as instructing in the vast scope of Bellydance/fusions plus all its props, and playing tabla & djembe. Alia’s motto: “Life is a it with passion.”


AndriyaAndriya (Perth)

A member of Bellydance Central’s Mystique Dance Company, and one half of the dynamic duet Dyad, Andriya has been performing Middle Eastern Dance in various forms since 2003. She has recently performed in Melbourne for Isobelle Carmody’s ‘Red Queen’ book launch and Masked Ball, and appears on-screen in Nikki Irwin’s ‘The Mermaid Project’.



AnjaAnja (Perth)

Anja discovered Middle Eastern dance after moving to Perth, Australia from Germany in 2007. Initially looking for a way to exercise, she became instantly enchanted with the dance style and takes classes with different Perth teachers ever since. Though mainly trained in the classical form of belly dance, Anja also has experience in Fusin Belly dance. Anja has performed at festivals and concerts as part of Belyssa’s troupe Desert Fire and performed as a solo artist on special occasions.


Anna KlynneAnna Klyne (Perth)

Anna started exploring dance through ballet and contemporary styles as a child. After taking a break during high school years and detouring into ballroom dancing, she discovered bellydance with Yasmin through classes at UWA. Since then, she has spent many years learning with Shaheena at Bellydance Central as well as traveling to Egypt and Turkey to learn more about the culture and dance styles.



Grace ChenGrace Chen (Perth)

Grace began dancing at the age of 8 in Malaysia where she studied cultural dance. After a 13 year hiatus, she returned to dance in 2002 as a student of Belly Dance, eventually performing as part of Belyssa Academy Dance Orientale Troupe. Grace broadened her repertoire and joined Chung Wah Dance in 2007, performing in numerous corporate and community events. In the same year Grace began classes in ballet, and in later years, jazz and contemporary dance. Notable performances include Danse D’Action and Perth City Ballet.





JadeJade (NSW)

Jade became interested in belly dance after having her first child and, 16 years later, the interest hasn’t faded! It has taken Jade from her home in regional NSW to Egypt & Turkey – searching out master teachers and having fun experiencing the culture. She is also a an award winning blogger on all things belly dance, including natural make-up and self-esteem issues. She received a Regional Arts NSW Grant to be a part of this cast due to her teaching & performing for schools and charities.


Jariel MystiqueJariel Mystique (Adelaide)

Jariel Mystique is a passionate, vivacious performer & Teacher from Adelaide with a love for sensual, exotic dance forms including Bellydance, Bollywood Polynesian, Tribal Fusion, and Burlesque. She also enjoys expressing a cheeky charm that engages her audience and lifts their spirits. She was one of Miss Burlesque S.A. finalist for 2012 & 2013 making it into the top 5 both years. Jariel was part of the WAMED and The Adelaide Bellydance Festival in 2015.





Jess MorenoJessica (Sydney)

Jessica’s curiosity certainly paid off in 2008 after walking into her first Belly Dance class and becoming enthralled by the timeless art form. Drawn by the heartfelt music, grace, self empowerment and opportunity for self expression through the dance, Jessica continued to study with numerous local, interstate and visiting international instructors. Her engaging and heart-felt performances have included national music festivals (Woodford Folk Festival), national and international Middle Eastern Dance festivals and to live music. She is a member of Sydney based Hathor Dance Theatre and Farrah: the Egyptian Dance Artists, as well as being a warm-hearted teacher with Shimmy Juju Belly Dance.



JodieJodie (Perth)

Jodie has been teaching and performing Middle Eastern Dance for over 10 years.  She has taught dance in remote communities throughout Western Australia. Jodie particularly enjoys the introduction into Middle Eastern culture and music that this dance has given her.  She has travelled to Egypt and Turkey to study this dance style.






KiriKiri (Kununurra)

Kiri has been teaching Middle Eastern Dance in the remote Kimberley town of Kununurra, for over ten years.

She has always had a keen interest in the music, more recently taking an interest in the instruments, especially the Oud. Kiri enjoys travelling throughout Australia, and internationally, to further her dance.




Laleh (Perth)

With a background in ballet, jazz, tap and salsa, Laleh found her passion for bellydancing in Fremantle under the tuition of Rose, Alma, Eva Cass and Janet. A move to Istanbul in 2010, provided opportunities to study with international stars: Aziza, Jillina, Mercedes Nieto, Serkan Tutar, Ozgen and more. Laleh’s dance highlights include being crowned the Bad Boys of Bellydance Drum Solo winner in Las Vegas; third place for Rakkas Istanbul (Turkish Style); being part of Alma Sarhan’s Many Faces of Bellydance photo exhibition; and dancing in Greece, Turkey, and USA, with impromptu performances in the deserts of Jordan and Morocco.


MartaMarta (Perth)

Marta is an elegant, spectacular, fresh Performance Artiste. Known for her phenomenal technique and captivating stage presence, dare to look and you will be transfixed. Fusing her love of ballet, contemporary, jazz, burlseque, hip hop, and of course Bellydancing, Marta has created her own contemporary fusion style, while still preserving the earthy essence of traditional Middle Eastern dance.

Marta has being dancing and performing for the past 13 years, locally, inter-state and internationally, and teaching for 3 years.



MichelleMichelle (Perth)

Michelle loves all forms of dancing and has been bellydancing for over 10 years. She has travelled to Egypt, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and has trained with a variety of master teachers in order to expand and develop her knowledge and technique. Michelle particularly enjoys exploring the unique regional styles of the Silk Road from the Middle East into Central Asia and beyond. Michelle regularly teaches Bellydance, Bollywood and Persian dance. Michelle is a polished performer with an infectious energy who has been placed in competitions both nationally and in Asia. Michelle is a regular performer in Perth and founder of the popular Bollywood Dhamaka! performance troupe known for high energy entertainment.



MOYA 2Moya (Brisbane)

Trained in the classic genres of dance & with cultural heritage training in Polynesian dance genres, Moya brings a richness & joy to her passion for the dance & music of the Middle and Near East.  Moya hopes to impart both an honored ode to this regions richly textured folk dances & its music, & also seek ways to bring them into a contemporary context, giving them a new life for modern day audiences. Moya is the director of one of Brisbane’s newest dance schools “A’Diva Brisbane Bellydance Collective”, & a proud sponsor of the Brisbane leg of the “Bellyqueen Silk Road in Oz Tour.”




PhyniaPhynia (Perth)

Hailing from a Greek background, Phynia initially discovered Middle Eastern dance at the tender age of eight and has developed her performance skills under the tuition of Australia’s most accomplished dancers. Her style is graceful, fluid, dynamic and a bit cheeky. Phynia is a master of fine body control, especially observed in her shimmies and upper body movements. Phynia becomes the dance and her love of performing radiates through to the audience. She is a member of Raks Harissa troupe and has performed in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore, and in 2014, Phynia was selected to be a part of the incomparable Bellydance Evolution.




ReganRegan (Adelaide)

Regan is the director of Belly Dance Arabesque Dance and Yoga Studio and the Divine Elements Belly Dance Company in Adelaide. Her passion for dance has taken her to teach, train and perform all over Australia, the USA and France. Her depth of skill is diverse with influences from traditional styles of Belly Dance and Turkish Romani to Tribal Improvisation and Tribal Fusion. Along with teaching and performing she has produced many shows including 5 successful Adelaide Fringe shows and was invited to perform a 14 show season at the Festival Le Off in Avignon France in 2011.


RoseRose (Perth)

Rose, is regarded as one of Australia’s most sought after performers and instructors, whose technique and innovative choreography have garnered international regard. A disciplined professional, she has extensive experience in performing and entertaining audiences from restaurants to gala openings and large theatrical settings both in Australia and overseas. Rose is the pinnacle of passion, technique and powerful creative expression, She combines grace and elegance with an intensity that grabs you and doesn’t let you go till the end of the dance!





SamanthaSamantha (Perth)

Samantha is a Perth based belly dancer, who has been a part of the belly dance community for over 10 years. Samantha has experience in both oriental and tribal style dancing and enjoys both learning and teaching dance. Born in India, and having traveled throughout her childhood, music and dance have been an integral part of Samantha’s life.



SandieSandie (Mandurah)

As principal of Sinbads Daughters Mandurah, Sandie is inspired to teach women to unite their body, spirit and emotions with dance. To help draw out natural dance qualities that has helped women to build their self-confidence and wellbeing for a more rewarding life. Over time Sandie has been learning various styles of bellydance with both local and international teachers and has combined the different styles to create her own Bellydance fusion. Sandie teaches in Mandurah and also has a yearly dance retreat in Bali. You will find Sinbads Daughters performing locally in the Peel region.



SimoneSimone (Perth)

Simone is a Perth-based belly dance artist. Originally trained in classical ballet, Simone has had a long time love affair with belly dance since becoming involved in middle eastern dance in 2006. Since then she has spent many years training with several reputable teachers in Perth, all of which have influenced the development her own unique style.





TabethaTabetha Zahara (Perth)

Zahara has been dancing teaching and performing throughout Australia for over 15 years and has taken workshops with master teachers. Her dance company Zahara Dance Company are highly sought after entertainers who have performed at events such as Oz Concerts 2010/2011/2013 (Televised on SBS), Australia’s Got Talent (through to the celebrity judges – Zahara), City of Perth Festival Stage 2010 and 2011 and many more working with a variety of props assya, Zill, Sword, Shamadan, Fans, Poi and live music to name a few.






Yamina SoreyaYamina Soreya (Perth)

Yamina Soreya is a world-fusion dancer who co-founded Beleza Entertainment with musician & husband Michael Boase, a company which teaches and performs Afrocentrix styles of music and dance. She has taught and performed internationally since 2003. Some highlights include learning Rajasthani dances in the Indian desert, performing at the Rio Carnival in 2012, being invited to judge a bellydance contest in Texas by Sa’diyya, performing for the Abolition of Slavery Day in Reunion Island and opening the Bellyfusions Festival in Paris in 2015. Her artistic mission is to transmit a deep cultural understanding for each genre of world dance, while linking them through the universal thread of “Dance as an expression of the Soul and the Divine.”