2 Wk Turns Turns Turns Course with Irina

Thursday, December 20-27, 2018

WHAT: This brief 2-week workshop will help you with several different types of turns. Slowly and thoroughly, we are going to carefully deconstruct several classical and folkloric types of spins and build a solid foundation for your future practice. *All levels welcome!* (Beginners to professional spinners – all will be challenged, with the help of speed, multiple points of focus as well as unusual body positions.) Drop-ins allowed.

WHEN: Thursday December 20th and 27th, 6.30-7.30pm

WHERE: Bellyqueen School, 440 Lafayette St, 4th Floor, Studio 4C, New York, NY 10003

2 Weeks $35, $28 (Unlimited Pass Holders)
Drop-In $20, $15 (Unlimited Pass Holders)

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WHO: Irina Akulenko is a New York City-based performer, teacher and choreographer with a burning passion for arts of all genres. Although she discovered Middle Eastern dance purely by chance, her interest in expression started at an early age and was channeled into ballet training, in addition to piano and voice lessons as well as drawing. Since 2001, Irina explored Egyptian Cabaret and American Tribal style belly dance, Flamenco and Classical Indian dances (focusing mainly on Odissi) and now enjoys fusing these styles as well as everything in between. Today, Irina performs on various New York stages and tours nationally and internationally as a soloist and as member of various stellar projects. She released three instructional DVDs with World Dance New York and has two instructional series of videos with the popular website “Howcast.com”. Furthermore, she holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science, and has a strong interest in women’s issues and visual arts. www.DanceIrina.com