Let’s Get Physical with Brenna

Wednesday, January 8, 2020
WHAT: Time to go back to the 80’s and let’s get physical with this fun fusion belly dance choreography series taught by Brenna Crowley. This will culminate in a performance taking place Wednesday, March 4th, 8pm at the Time Traveler’s showcase. Grab those headbands and leg warmers and dance like we’re in a funky aerobics class. This choreography will include jazz influenced movement, sassy sinuous isolations and of course some of those good ol’ Jane Fonda workout moves!
Music: “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John
COURSE: Wednesdays 8.30-9.30pm at the Bellyqueen School
January 8th – February 26th
SHOW: Wednesday March 4th, 8pm at the Sonnet Theater
Course: Bellyqueen School, 440 Lafayette St, 4th Floor, Studio 4D, New York, NY 10003
SHOW: The Sonnet Theater at the Producer’s Club, 358 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036
COST: 8 Week Course $135, $110 Bellyqueen School unlimited pass holders. (7 Week option available for those who know they will miss a week in advance)
WHO: Brenna Crowley is an eclectic belly dance artist, choreographer and instructor in NYC, performing and teaching locally and across the country in many theatrical dance productions, belly dance festivals and other events each year since 2007. She has performed as a featured soloist as well as a member of Sera Solstice’s Solstice Ensemble, Solstice Project, and Solar Tribe, Altagracia’s Caribbean Rose Dance Company, Ayshe’s Cult of Isis Ensemble and many others. She is the director of her troupe Zilla Dance Ensemble, which was formed in 2009. Since its inception, they have performed in numerous theatrical shows, belly dance festivals and other dance events each year. The dancers that make up this ensemble come from all walks of life and various belly dance disciplines; together they celebrate the exuberance of movement and music.