Traditional Persian + Court Dance with Scarves

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Learn a traditional authentic Persian style choreography mixing together classical and modern combinations with stylized Silk Road turns to the 6/8 rhythm.
Level: Beginner/ Intermediate

Join Amel on a journey through ancient Andalusian Moorish dances performed by women at various festivities such as weddings in the Maghreb. This dance emphasizes the elegant gestures of the dancer’s arm and hands and is inspired by classical Andalusian music and dance that originated in Andalusian Spain and traveled to North Africa when the Moors were expelled from el Andalus. The movement incorporates the rich tapestry of Arab-Andalusian traditions from the ancient cities of Algiers, Constantine and many other ancient North African cities, at a time considered by many to be the golden age of tolerance and cultural exchange.
Zendali dance is widespread in the eastern regions of Algeria. It is practiced by women and they are dressed in beautiful dresses embroidered with gold thread. During this class, Amel Tafsout will focus on the different techniques of scarf dancing with the hands and hips and on how to keep the rhythm while improvising. (Please bring two chiffon scarves)

WHEN: Saturday April 24
6.30-7.30pm EDT
Traditional Persian w/ Louchia
7.45-8.45pm EDT
Court Dance w/ Scarves w/ Amel Tafsout

COST: $12 drop-in per class
5 or 10 class pack and unlimited weekly or monthly passes apply

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WHO: Louchia is an international dance artist. She performed in many dance companies as a group member and as a solo dancer. Louchia has bachelor degree in Performing Arts (Dance/Choreography) and worked in the State Ensemble of Moldova “Jok “
She was a principal dancer in Bellydance Evolution as well as Sahlala Dancers in Los Angeles. For 9 years she danced with the Pars Nation Ballet, led by former Principal of the Theater of Ballet of Iran Abdula Nazemi. Also for 3 years Louchia was part of “ Aman “ Dance Company. She studied Central Asian dances with Veloyat Akilova, a celebrated artist from Uzbekistan.
Louchia worked for many years for the Persian community in Los Angeles participating in Nowooz and Mehrigan festivals in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and Chicago. She has been featured in many Persian music videos with Behzad, Mahmoud, Shohleh, Atta, Davood Bahboodi, Morteza, Serjik and Miras, and for many years she appeared on Tasvir IRAN TV in Los Angeles as a guest star. Louchia performed and taught in Japan, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Indonesia, South Korea, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Morocco, Taiwan, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Brazil, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

The legendary Amel Tafsout, meaning ‘Hopes of Spring’, is an inspirational first source master dance artist, choreographer, instructor, frame drummer, singer, energy worker and one of the finest exponents of North African traditional and contemporary Maghreb Dance of our time. With research in dance anthropology, and long training in various healing practices, Tafsout’s knowledge of her culture and her experience in many dance styles and music make her very unique.

Raised in Algeria among the finest traditional dancers and musicians, Tafsout was fascinated by dance and music since childhood. In her early twenties, Tafsout moved to Germany where she founded the Pan Arabic dance company ‘Banat As Sahra’. In the late 80s, she moved to London, U.K. where she taught and performed at various dance and music festivals and founded ‘The Tafsoutettes’ Dance Company. While currently living in the U.S.A. she is still performing and teaching worldwide.

Tafsout is like a voyager between countries, culture, and languages. Having worked and lived all over the world, unsurprisingly, migration has been a constant theme in her work. Fluent in 5 languages, she is always aware of the impact that cultures have in art and how that can be expressed in dance.

Amel has lectured, danced, taught, sung and conducted anthropological research in many countries. She has been featured in various TV programs in Europe and North Africa. She also published many articles related to dance and Maghreb women in academic and popular magazines. Her research focuses on the Ritual in Maghreb dances as well as looking at dance as a healing form. She explores the rich tapestry of movement and rhythm that has woven over time between Spain and the Maghreb, Africa and the Middle East, the Mediterranean Sea and Europe.

Tafsout developed, reconstructed and stylized the Maghreb dances through her dance experience, her research, her teaching, and performances. She had mesmerized audiences around the world with the earthy fluidity of her dance, her stunning stage presence, and great spirituality.