Golden Era of Belly Dance Lecture

Saturday, May 16, 2020
Golden Era of Bellydance – A Journey Through History
WHAT: Join Badriyah (Belgium / Czech Republic) for her sought after interactive lecture on the evolution of raqs sharqi during the 19th and 20th century, with a focus on the pre-Golden era and the Golden era in Egypt. The lecture is accompanied by original prints, engravings, press photos, and postcards from 1730 to 1950. These items are part of Badriyah’s personal historical collection and will be shown during the live lecture.
WHEN: Saturday May 16th 2-3pm NYC | 8-9pm Europe
COST: $10, $15, $20
Sliding scale pay what you can
WHO: Badriyah is a professional oriental dancer, devoted mainly to classical and folkloric Egyptian styles, modern oriental and the Golden Age of belly dance.

She teaches regular classes at the Shoonya Dance Centre in Ghent, Belgium, and travels around Europe to give workshops and lectures, mostly focused on the Golden Era of belly dance.

Badriyah’s dream is to continue to build her belly dance museum collection comprised of vintage items such as newspaper, magazines, postcards, lobby cards, vinyl records and press photos depicting belly dancers from 1700 to 1970.

Most of all, Badriyah treasures the ten years of performing with Bellydance Evolution (BDE): an international bellydance – theatre show, led by the famous Jillina from USA. Badriyah performed more than 60 shows with the company, both in the troupe and as a lead dancer.