Divina Commedia

Friday, March 27-29, 2015


Divina Commedia (Divine Comedy) is a poem by Dante Alighieri, an Italian writer from 1300. It is considered one of the greatest works of literature and of all time.

The poem is divided into three parts, Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, and traces an imaginary journey through the three realms beyond this world that will lead up to the vision of the Trinity.

Alice Giampieri and Francesca Pedretti​ from Italy plus…

BELLYQUEEN directed by Kaeshi Chai
Elisheva, Danielle Hutton, Maki Moves, Natalie Nazario, Irina Akulenko, Melanya

DESERT SIN directed by Djahari Clark
Cassandra Rosebeetle, Renée Renata Bergan, Zahra Hashemian, Amanda Mottur

LUNARIS directed by Sarah Jezebel Wood
Megan Ward, Abby Harkey, Alexandra Bush-Kaufer, Noelle Brower

PURGATORY GROUP directed by Francesca Pedretti
Lore Rojas, Brenna Crowley, Vicky Qamar, Francesca Pedretti, Francesca Ferrando, Giselle, Calixta Starr

PARADISE GROUP directed by Alice Giampieri
Anna Franchi, Aisha Cannon, Linda Thithavong, Heather Bondra, Jennifer Juniper, Tara McLaughlin, Theresa Lugo, Melissa Chen

HELL GROUP directed by Danielle Hutton​
Cathy Vandewater, Rachel Furr, Kaori Tokuoka, Mona Saghri, Jennifer Juniper, Brenna Crowley, Jeri Lynn Astra, Pamela Rose, Theresa Lugo, Melissa Chen, Melanya, Tara McLaughlin, Linda Quach, Linda Thithavong

Host is Brad MacDonald

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Workshops with Alice Giampieri at 440 Studios, 4E
Feb 21st Sat: 2.00-4.30pm Paradise Part 1
Feb 21st Sat: 5.00-7.30pm Paradise Part 1 (Just added)
Feb 22nd Sun: 2.00-4.30pm Paradise Part 2 (In studio 4F)

Workshops with Francesca Pedretti at 440 Studios, 4E
Mar 27th Fri: 6.30-9.00pm Purgatory Part 1
Mar 28th Sat: 2.00-4.30pm Purgatory Part 2

Extra Rehearsals for Select Workshop Participants
Mar 28th Sat: 6.00-8.00pm at DANY Studios
Mar 29th Sun: 1.00-3.00pm at 440 Studios
Mar 29th Sun: 4.00-6.00pm at the Theater

2.5 Hr Workshop $40, $50 after Feb 14th
Two 2.5 Hr Workshops $75, $85 after Feb 14th
Full Package $135, $150 after Mar 20th
Extra rehearsals are FREE

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TICKETS for the Show: $20, $25, $30
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Paradise Part 1 – Sphere of Venus (The Lovers) with Alice Giampieri
This is where the souls reside that were the lovers on earth. They revealed themselves to Dante like shining splendors that revolve rapidly in circle.
The theme of the workshop will be “Love”. We will express this emotion through tribal fusion choreographic sequences and improvisation. We will dance and celebrate what we love most in our life.

Paradise Part 2 – The Sphere of the Empyrean with Alice Giampieri
We continue our journey through Dante’s Paradise interpreting the Angel’s Empyrean. This is the highest heaven, the place of God, where the angels and souls are accepted in Heaven. This is a spiritual place that is removed from time and space.
This workshop will be inspired by the domain of the angels. We will develop choreography and introduce personal expression and improvisational techniques to build a strong performance that simultaneously projects to and evokes emotion from the audience.

Purgatory Part 1
Dante’s Dream: Lust, Gluttony, Anger
Explore exercises involving expression, acting, and fusion dance.
Lust: The lustful join in pairs and console each other with words of affection, before they betray and abandon each other.
Gluttony: after creating a human sculpture in the form a fruit tree and representing an image of a water source, we will portray the gluttonous, longing to reach these sources of sustenance without success.
Anger: We will embody anger and create images of ancient battles.

Purgatory Part 2
The Sins: Sloth, Envy, Avarice
Utilizing images and imagination inspired by these three vices, from the figurative to the symbolic, we will move through guided improvisations and choreographic sequences to develop a creative group performance.

Francesca Pedretti
 comes from Milan, Italy where she began her journey in bellydance in 1996. She created her own style called Tribal Bellydance Emozionale® and is trained in many acting methods including Stanislavsky. She regularly tours throughout Europe as a sought after Tribal Fusion instructor and performer. She was the Bellydance Evolution May 2013 people’s choice competition winner and traveled with them throughout Austria, Greece and Italy.

Alice Giampieri is one of the greatest exponents of Tribal Fusion in Italy, and has been member of the “Emotional Tribal Fusion” company De Nova Luce directed by Francesca Pedretti. She has studied Ballet, Flamenco, Bharatanatyam Indian dance, oriental dance, Tribal Fusion and Tribal ATS and has improved her oriental and tribal technique by studying with numerous international teachers. As a soloist, she has been invited to teach and perform in the most important festivals in Italy and has performed internationally in Paris, New York, and Barcelona. Alice is the founder and director the school “Aynin” and it’s and associated dance company. Alice was selected to be a member of the show the Bellydance Evolution show “The Dark Side of the Crown” directed by Jillina. She performed with BDE in Washington DC and New York City, Miami, Japan and most recently in a 28 show tour in Holland.