Absolute Beginner 5 Wk Courses with Lexi

Wednesday, October 14-22, 2020
WHAT: If you have always dreamed of belly dancing, or want a fun and exciting way to get active and meet new people, these courses are the perfect place to take that first step! We put great effort into creating a curriculum and atmosphere here at Bellyqueen for the first-time adult dancer! We know this exceptional program will ignite your passion for dance.
These courses runs for 5 consecutive weeks and will build on from the week before.
Students will learn basic dance vocabulary and steps from the Bellyqueen Hathor and Universal curriculum.
Proper warm-up techniques and dance history are also covered.
Learn belly dance step by step with other absolute beginner adults in a nurturing environment with Bellyqueen instructor Lexi Belly Dance.
No previous dance experience necessary.
Wednesdays October 14th – November 11th 6.30-7.30pm EDT – Hathor Curriculum
Thursdays October 22nd – November 19th 7.45-8.45pm EDT – Universal Curriculum
Registration ends 15 minutes before session begins
You will be emailed a Zoom link 10 minutes beforehand
COST: Sliding scale pay what you can
$50, $75, $100
Sign up for the courses at https://bellyqueen.com/classes
(Navigate to the date of the course on the calendar)
Lexi is a New York based performer who took a leap into bellydance classes, fell in love, and never turned back. Her journey as a dance instructor and introduction to empowerment through movement began in 2013 when she taught intro to pole dancing classes in Los Angeles. Lexi completed the Bellyqueen Teacher Training course in 2019. She has been featured in Elsten Torres’ music video for his song Girl and performed on a vampire cruise of the Hudson River and in mixed media shows at the Ace Hotel in New York. Her love for dance, body positivity and movement awareness manifests in her work. She believes in the healing power of dance and enjoys the opportunity for physical expression that bellydance provides.