Middle Eastern Rhythms 101 with Rami Tabla

Sunday, May 10, 2020
WHAT: This one hour session with Ramitabla will help provide a general introduction to music and drumming in the Middle East, and an understanding of the concepts important to all rhythm and dance.
Rhythm is in everything, and humans have a language to describe it. We will tap into these ideas of pulse, beats, cycles, breaks, to develop our rhythm and musicality.
We will learn the language of the drum, and breakdown some common rhythms, so you can understand the basics of this technology that is the foundation of all music.
Grab a bucket, pot, use the table top, your partner’s belly, or yes, you can BYO doumbek or frame drum, and away we go into the wonderful world of rhythm.
No Drum Required but BYO if you got one
WHEN: Sunday May 10th 4-5pm EST
A Zoom link will be sent out 10 minutes before the workshop begins.
COST: Sliding scale $10, $15, $20
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Rami ‘Tabla’ El-Aasser has a MS from NYU (2010) and BS from Northwestern University (1997). He plays darbuka and sings worldwide with groups including Alsarah & the Nubatones, Raquy Düm, and Zikrayat. Based in New York & the Berkshires, he is a regular at NYC’s taraab and dance parties with traditional musicians from across the mideast. With roots in Egypt, his repertoire includes classical and folk traditions from the Arab World, Greece, Balkans, Turkey, East and North Africa, by way of Brooklyn. Rami’s grooves also can be found on many recordings, soundtracks, and live theatre productions, most recently on Broadway at The Band’s Visit.
The third album with Alsarah & the Nubatones, is coming soon. http://ramitabla.com
Drums are recommended from May 17th onward. Don’t own one? Then check out some of Rami’s recommendations!
The affordable, sturdy, no-frills workhorse drum at about the $80-$130 range is the Egyptian cast metal drum with a plastic head.
They weigh under 10LB and are virtually indestructible. Here are 2 sources for that:
On Amazon:
Please note that the leartherette drum will grip more than the engraved drum which will be a little more slippery. The engraved design is very beautiful though. Either one will work well. They sound the same.
If you want a beautiful high-end Egyptian drum, cast metal, hand inlaid with mother-of-pearl and tuned by Rami for a great sound out of the box, or a natural skin ceramic doumbek, or riq, then please check out Rami’s online store
These drums are around $350 or more
Above should all ship with a case and spare head.
There are Turkish style drums that are copper alloy, and they have external hardware (rings and screws) to tighten the head, but these are not recommended because the hardware often gets in the way of the technique.
Remo makes a lightweight, affordable drum $140 called the REMO Festival Doumbek. The sound is not as tight as an Egyptian drum, but has it’s fans.
Happy good drum hunting!