Persian Night with the Amir Vahab Ensemble & Dancers

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
“Music should be so powerful such that one is powerlessly dragged to the unknown. It should invade the listener’s mind to the point of losing awareness.” -Amir Vahab
The Amir Vahab Ensemble was formed by Amir Vahab in New York City in 1981 to perform both the mystical music of the Sufis and the folkloric music of different regions of Iran & Turkey. The aim of Amir Vahab Ensemble is to draw the listener’s attention to the spiritual dimension of existence. The ensemble features Mr. Vahab (vocals, tanbur, tar, setar, saz, Oud, ney, daf, Dohol and zarb) together with a rotating group (of over 40 people) from musicians of diverse national and ethnic backgrounds, chosen depending on the focus of the performance.
Kaeshi Chai
Anna Pipoyan
Amaria Selene
Wendi Weng
Danielle Karabos
Mona Saghri
Engine Room New York, 707 8th Ave, downstairs, New York, NY 10036 between 44th and 45th St
6:30-7:30pm Dance to Live Music Class with Kaeshi, Souren Baronian, Robert Boghosian and Ari Marcus.
7:30-8:00pm Doors Open
8:00-10:00pm Amir Vahab Ensemble
10:00-11:00pm DJ set with Professor Dictabeat
$15 Early Bird / $20 Tier 1 / $25 at the Door / $15 after 9:30pm.
Plus 1 drink or food item if seated at the bar
or 2 drink or food items if seated at a table
Tickets are general admission and non-refundable.
TABLE RESERVATIONS: Text Lindy at (929)497-6304 with your name and number of people you want seated at your table.
DETAILED BIOGRAPHIES (Listed Alphabetically)
AMARIA SELENE is a Middle Eastern style dancer who got her start as a professional performer in Phoenix, Arizona, before moving to New York City, where she performed nonstop for 3 years. After moving to Washington, DC and feeling stuck in a rut in her day job, she decided to take a leap of faith and try her luck in Cairo, Egypt. She has been living in Cairo since 2018 and now performs on Nile cruises, hustles costuming, and does tours all over Egypt that specialize in unique experiences. Her first live music performance was at Djam, and so she is especially honored to be able to perform once again at this wonderful event.
ANNA PIPOYAN started her dancing journey at 5 years old. She has studied for 12 years and graduated with and excellency diploma from University of art music an dance choreography of Russian ballet in Armenia. She immigrated to New York in her teens with a dream to have her own dance company.She took courses of business and communication in La Guardia community college in Queens N.Y while trained in Broadway dance center NYC and danced professionally and choreographed her own dance pieces since. Specifically she is trained in classical ballet, Armenian and Russian folk dance, Flamenco, Belly dance, Bollywood and Latin ballroom.
AMIR VAHAB is considered one of the most celebrated and distinguished composers, performers and vocalists of Sufi and Middle Eastern folk music. The New York Times calls him the “ambassador for a silenced music.” Honored as a peacemaker, Amir Vahab’s virtuosos weave fiery instrumentals and songs of the historic lands of the Middle East and Central Asia; his work transcends political boundaries while maintaining traditional sensibilities in a way few artists can manage. His music is rooted in tradition, but has been influenced by contemporary sounds. Like Amir himself, his music symbolizes diversity-in-unity. His performances have been recognized worldwide and have inspired many music students. Amir Vahab is currently teaching and lecturing private and group classes in universities, libraries, museums and cultural centers, while also organizing music therapy and sound healing workshops. For more information:
KAESHI CHAI is a NYC-based performer, theatrical director, teacher trainer, and award winning designer. She co-founded the professional dance company and school, Bellyqueen, and PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment), a global community focused on healing and social change through dance and music. Kaeshi has extensive training in contemporary dance, physical theatre and Silk Road dances spanning the Middle East to China. She has taught or performed in 47 states and 38 countries.
She is an alumni member of the Bellydance Superstars, Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution and Kenji William’s Bella Gaia and curates the Djam NYC event for dancers and musicians to create and play together.
Current projects include Ocean Stories, a performance integrating art and science to create more environmental awareness, and Creative Labs in which participants conceptualize, choreograph and mount full-length theatrical dance shows in 3-4 days.
PROFESSOR DICTABEAT is originally from Guatemala.
Although having grown up in Amsterdam The Netherlands he moved to Berlin Germany in 2010 where he resides now.
Having a major passion for music, he has a musical background of being a musician in several genres as well as being an established Techno and Electro DJ for almost ten years in the Netherlands.
Over time he has grown a collection of tracks that range from appealing to the common listener to sparking attention from seasoned music connoisseurs.
Professor Dictabeat is currently a resident DJ at some of Berlin’s most well known establishments such as the Old CCCP, Belushi’s, Hawai toast, the Friedrich’s Hahn, and recently became a local resident in Amsterdam at the Winston Kingdom and the Belushi’s Amsterdam.
With this enthusiasm he aims to combine cultures as well as ages through his sound. Professor Dictabeat mixes a vibrant mix of 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s and current chart music (various genres), taking you on a journey of lively and fun music to dance to, ensuring YOU get the fun you came for.
The dance performance artist from China
is the founder of China’s One Thousand and One Nights Dance Art Center and is currently the Artistic Director of the “1001 Experimental Theater”. She is the first generation of Chinese bellydance dancers. she has won the Asian International Music And Dance Art Competition and the champion of the Fujian Women’s Talent and Emotional Reality Show. She is known for her spiritual teaching, and she has trained a group of outstanding dancers and teachers with distinct personalities and independent thoughts to cultivate a group of talents in the promotion of Chinese oriental dance.She has served as a judge of the major art festivals In China, traveling to Middle East and North Africa, and many countries in East Africa. She went to the United States in 2015 and actively joined in various art activities at New York and actively promoted dance art. She has successively exhibited at New York fashion Events and art exhibition centers. , poetry associations, libraries, churches and artists from different fields cooperated, she hopes to establish a bridge between Eastern and Western culture through her work.