Mideast Latin night with Televana & Dancers

Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Join us for an evening filled with fiery dance and music to fill your hearts desires. A promise of flavorful and sizzling end-of-summer experience that will undoubtedly heat you up long enough to keep you warm throughout the coming seasons. Don’t miss this one-night-only spectacle!
From the desert shores of Israel to the tropical beaches of Cuba, TELAVANA bridges the musical spheres of the Middle East and the Caribbean by combining Timba, Soul, North African music and Jazz to create a unique and lively mix of rhythms and textures.

“…melding Latin influences with Middle Eastern roots to create a unique hybrid” (Philadelphia CityPaper July 17 2014 )

Itai Kriss & TELEVANA
Itai Kriss – Flute
Malaya Sol – Vocals
Wayne Tucker – Trumpet
Cesar Orozco – Piano
Tamir Shmerling – Bass
Dan Aran – Drums
Marcos Lopez – Percussion
Featured Dancers:
Alex LaRosa
Elena Nayiri
Kaeshi Chai
Also Performing:
To be announced
Engine Room New York, 707 8th Ave, downstairs, New York, NY 10036 between 44th and 45th St
6:30-7:30pm Dance to Live Music Class
7:40-8:00pm Doors Open
8:00-10:00pm Show
10:00-10:30pm Open Floor Djam
CLASS COST: https://bellyqueen.com/classes/prices/
$15 Early Bird / $20 Tier 1 / $25 at the Door / $15 after 9:30pm.
Plus 1 drink or food item if seated at the bar
or 2 drink or food items if seated at a table
Tickets are general admission and non-refundable.

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TABLE RESERVATIONS: Text Lindy at (929)497-6304 with your name and number of people you want seated at your table.
BIOs (Listed Alphabetically)
ALEX LA ROSA: As a native of Santiago de Cuba, I grew up surrounded by dance and music. When I was six years old, my aunt La Mora invited me into her company Adiro Omode, a Cuban dance company for children that performed popular and folkloric styles.
At the age of twelve, I started studying at the Vocational Art School of Santiago and worked with the internationally acclaimed modern dance company Danza del Caribe under the direction of Eduardo Rivero.
At fifteen, I entered the National Arts School where I was immersed in a performance curriculum that included Ballet, Modern, Folklore, as well as Theater and Voice.
After I graduated, I had the honor of working as a dancer in various companies in Cuba including Fólclórico de Oriente, Ban Rará, the Ballet Nacional, the Ballet de Camagüey, the Ballet de Santiago, Compañía Sabor DKY and Oyu Oro Afro-Cuban Dance Ensemble.
I currently reside in New York City and work as a dancer, educator and choreographer.
ELENA NAYIRI is a Persian-Armenian world-dance artist, a highly esteemed Bellydancer and an avid salsera (Cuban style). Throughout her dance journey, she has founded and directed Danza Co bellydance and Aatash Persian Dance groups, performed as Brazilian Samba soloist, is a member of Dalia Carella Dance Collective, and has coproduced successful dance events in NYC with her partner Salit. She performs with live middle eastern and near eastern bands in NYC on a regular basis.
Elena is the featured dancer of TELAVANA Middle-eastern/Latin Jazz band. Performing with them, she brings to stage an exiting interplay between bellydance and Latin dance.
As an Artist Elena is intrigued and influenced by dance styles that cultivate freedom of individual expression. Her dance has been described as musically lyrical, powerfully emotive and elegantly fiery.
Fun facts: Elena is a two-time national chess champion and holds advance degrees in physics and mathematics.
ITAI KRISS – A Grammy nominated recording artist praised by Jazzwax as “one of the most exciting new flutist-composers” on the scene, commands a variety of musical genres with an eclectic style infused with Jazz, Latin and Middle Eastern sounds.
According to Downbeat Magazine, there is a “tangy, exotic flavor” to the New York musician’s style, which can be heard on his debut album, The Shark (2010) as well as on his latest release, TELAVANA (2018). The Shark features Kriss’ “soaring technique and phrasing that is both aggressive and pastoral,” which displays the versatility of his command of the flute, shifting through genres from funk and reggae to salsa and Arabic stylings with fluid ease. https://itaikriss.com
“Mr Kriss has matured into a musician who bestrides the two musical worlds of the Middle East and Latin America like a Colossus” (Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Network August 23 2018)
KAESHI CHAI is a NYC based artist who integrates dance, theatre and teaching to empower and shift consciousness through performance projects such as “Ocean Stories” and PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment). She produces the annual PURE Conference focused on topics like Love, Peaceful Warrior and the 5 elements.
She is the artistic director of Bellyqueen, the school and dance company, and facilitates creative labs in which participants generate full-length theatrical dance shows in 3-4 days. She has toured extensively with the Bellydance Superstars, Bellydance Evolution and Bella Gaia. She founded the Djam NYC event in August 2007. www.kaeshi.com | www.bellyqueen.com | www.pureglobe.org
MALAYA SOL: Feels at-home in Brooklyn after a decade of musical journeys originating from the Zambales region of the Philippines, where she was born. Through performing a myriad of music richly influenced by traveling as a soloist and a member of various musical groups, she organically developed into World Music, Jazz and Soul. One experiencing her music may conclude as Allen Foster described in his review on AXS.com, “…an incredible excursion that traveled both around the globe and through time…Her tone is a divine gossamer spun from opulent gold fibers, and her intimate style of delivery is utterly captivating.” https://malaya.live/
SANDRALIS is a visionary dancer, educator choreographer and dance/movement therapist with a solid belief that the arts are powerful tools for healing. Her diverse dance experience and training includes Modern, Contemporary, Belly dance, Ballet, Jazz, African, and Afro-Caribbean.
Since 2006, Sandralis has danced as a principal dancer of Bellyqueen. She has performed nationally and internationally with Bellyqueen on stages throughout United States as well as in Europe and Asia. Beyond her extensive experience as a performer, she also is a highly regarded, charismatic and dedicated dance instructor with over 15 years of experience. Sandralis recently received a MA in dance/movement therapy from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY to help heal the trauma of others.