Tamalyn Dallal’s 2014 Intensive

Friday, May 23-26, 2014

Master instructor Tamalyn Dallal returns to New York for her annual intensive over Memorial Day weekend. Don’t miss this chance to study with the teacher to many of today’s top bellydance stars. A certificate of completion will be given students that attend all 3 days of Teacher Training.

May 23rd Friday 6.30-9.30pm at NOLA Studios
Tamalyn’s Signature Poses and Transitions
Tamalyn will share her signature poses, line design, and how to transition in and out of them in a graceful and musical way. Also learn how to find your own signature poses that suit your body.
$65 early bird by March 23
$70 until April 23
$80 afterwards

May 24th Saturday 11am-5pm at NOLA Studios
Teacher’s Training Day 1
What is important as a dancer and teacher? How can our dance be sustainable as an art form? Tamalyn will take you to the roots of Oriental dance, teaching the importance of imparting solid basics, musical knowledge and culture. She will teach the age old concepts of working with nature and working with energy to make your classes healthy and holistic, whether people come for exercise or with a desire to perform.
$95 early bird by March 23, $125 until April 23, $150 afterwards

May 25th Sunday 11am-5pm at NOLA Studios
Teacher’s Training Day 2

Moving the dance forward into the future. Where is the dance going? Why do we dance? In this class, we will look at experimentation within the traditional music and movements. Tamalyn will share ways to innovate without losing the essence of the Middle East. We will work with veils and zils, and effective ways to teach both. Also, Tamalyn will teach the concept of “Isolation, Integration and Layering- The difference between all three and which of these concepts makes your dance more American, which give a more Middle Eastern flavor.
$95 early bird by March 23, $125 until April 23, $150 afterwards

May 25th Sunday 8pm
2014 Tamalyn Dallal Intensive Show at Jebon, 15 Saint Marks Place, NYC
Featuring Tamalyn Dallal, Kaeshi Chai and workshop attendees. $15
Please bring your dance clothes, props and a costume if you want to dance.

May 26th Monday 11am-5pm at NOLA Studios
Teacher’s Training Day 3

Music, movement and culture – what every teacher must know…. rhythm, bellydance through the ages, instruments, and how this can bridge the world together. Tamalyn will teach you the skills that are necessary for the art of entertainment and theatrical dance, where they intersect – as well as when not to cross over.
$95 early bird by March 23, $125 until April 23, $150 afterwards

Full Teacher’s Training – 3 days
$275 early bird by March 23, $325  until April 23, $375 afterwards

Tamalyn Dallal Full NYC Intensive
4 Day Package Deal – $325 early bird by March 23, $375 until April 23, $425 after

Workshops: NOLA Studios, 250 West 54th St, 11th Floor, Studio B, New York, NY
Show: Jebon, 15 Saint Marks Place, New York, NY

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Who is Tamalyn Dallal?
Tamalyn began bellydancing as a teenager in 1976. In 1990 she founded the Mid Eastern Dance Exchange, a nonprofit arts organization in Miami Beach, Florida, where she has worked as an instructor, performer, choreographer, and producer of many major live dance shows, including the annual Orientalia festival. She is one of the original “Bellydance Superstars” on the CD and DVD from Ark 21 Records and was named Ms. America and Miss World of the Belly Dance in 1995. Celebrities and dignitaries she has performed for include Robert de Niro, Madonna, James Brown, Sean Connery, King Abdullah of Jordan, and the Saudi royal family. Tamalyn has danced and taught in over 25 countries, choreographed and performed in the Super Bowl halftime show, produced the series “Belly Dance” for PBS television and recently released a book titled “Belly Dancing for Fitness”. She has taught top dancers such as Amar Gamal and Bozenka (bellydance choreographer for pop star Shakira), as well as thousands of other bellydancers. www.tamalyndallal.net

New York Accommodation
Chelsea Star Hotel, 300 W 30th St at 8th Ave, New York City, NY 10001
Gershwin Hotel, 7 E 27th Street, New York City, NY 10016
Hotel Azure, 120 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013
Leo House, 332 West 23rd St, New York City, NY 10011-2289
Saint Marks Hotel, 2 St. Marks Place, New York City, NY 10003
Seafarers & International House, 123 E. 15th St., New York City, NY 10003