2006 Veil workshop taught by Kaeshi in Sydney Australia. Sponsored by Jrisi Jusakos.

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Topics that are available include:


1. How to Create Dynamic Group Choreography
Discover new methods to approach floor and movement design. Create innovative, engaging group numbers for you and your team to capture and mesmerize your audience. Learn to use and vary space, quality of movement, beat, phrases and improvisation.

2. Getting Ready for the Stage

Kaeshi Chai

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Ballet for Bellydancers
Bellydance Pop and Lock
Sword Work

Irina Akulenko

Body Teasers: Drills, Layers and Combinations
Designed as a fun series of drills and combinations, this workshop is a continuous, challenging and upbeat marathon that is meant to improve technique and increase endurance. Drills, focusing on strong and muscular isolations, graceful arm patterns and traveling steps, will challenge dancers of all levels. Be prepared to sweat and smile

Elegant Fusion Choreography – ‘Tribal Style meets Cabaret’ Fusion”
Learn a choreography that fuses the aggressive elements of Tribal Fusion, and the elegance and poise of Cabaret bellydance. Our attention will be focused on muscular isolations as well as graceful and expressive posing. (I am still deciding on the song for this one)


Bellydance with Saoco (Latin Fusion)
Saoco is a Latin-American term used to describe great passion, skill and heart. Rhythm is an essence that comes from within. It is not something that is taught or learned. It is felt in one’s core! Having been raised listening and dancing to distinct Latin music forms, Sandralis is excited to share the way the many ways these movements compliment Middle Eastern dance whether through fancy foot work or rolling hips. Learn about some of the Latin music rhythms, dance steps, and their essence in Latin dance, especially those most commonly used with Arabic music. Be prepared to learn exhilarating Latin dance steps fused with sexy belly dance moves! In this 2 hour workshop Sandralis will guide you through steps, timing and techniques, styling, arm and hand movements to help you find and unleash the root of your saoco. Also learn how to fuse Latin moves from Salsa, Rumba, Afro Caribbean, Samba and Flamenco with Bellydance to enhance your style through moves and combos that will range from fast and funky to slow and sensual.

Double Veils
This workshop covers innovative double veil techniques, tricks and movements. We will mix it up with double veil technique and a twist of modern dance. Using traditional veil techniques with combinations of turns, extensions, releases, and others steps from modern dance we will create unique veil work. Learn some new ways to move with this classic dance prop. The techniques taught in this workshop can be used in traditional and nontraditional music.

Makeup for stage
This workshop will teach how to apply makeup for stage. Stage makeup serves a totally different purpose than regular every day makeup. The purpose of stage makeup is to correct the effects of distance and light that occurs when you are on stage. It is important to understand what type of makeup you need when performing on a stage with lights or within close range on a small stage or in a restaurant.