Cheddar Fitness News:
Kaeshi Chai teaches hosts Brad Smith and Hena Doba how to belly dance. August 13th, 2019.

New York Magazine 50th Anniversary: Fascinating story written for by famous author Mary Gaitskill mentioning Bellyqueen and PURE, October 22nd, 2017.

NYTime Out New York: Ranked 1st on the Best Belly Dancing Classes in NYC feature, January 6th, 2017

Performing Arts Hub: 5 star review of the Silk Road show at the Perth Fringe Festival, February 2nd, 2016

West Australian: Interview with Kaeshi Chai about the Silk Road show January 27th, 2016

ThrillistDjam NYC was selected as the best bellydance party in NYC. – October 21st, 2015

Tap IntoEdison Arts Society Sponsors International Dance – Wed June 10th, 2015

ZandliciousBellyqueen Performances Downstairs At Jebon Sushi NYC Every Wednesday – Sat Mar 21st, 2015

Wall Street JournalGypsy Tea Party Leaves Guests ‘Tea Drunk‘ – Wed Aug 6th, 2014

NY Daily NewsNon-Traditional Exercise Classes – Thu Jan 26 2012

Natasha Wozniak BlogDance Changed My Life… and My Jewelry – Tue Jan 17 2012

TimeOut NY – Adventurous Fitness – Wed Sept 14 2011

Bellydance Japan – Article about Bellyqueen’s 10th Anniversary Show in NYC. Photographs by Akiko Nishimura. (In Japanese)

Bellydance Russia – Article about Kaeshi. Written by Yulia Silk. (In Russian) – Winter 2008

Halima German Bellydance Magazine – Article about Bellyqueen’s European Tour. (In German) – Summer 2008

Tanz Oriental Germany Bellydance Magazine – Article about Bellyqueen. (In German) – Summer 2008

Bellydance Japan – Article about Kaeshi teaching and performing at Rakkasah West. (In Japanese) – Summer 2008

Bellydance Russia – Article about Bellyqueen Dance Theater. Written by Dariya Chugunova (in Russian) – Summer 2008.

Dance Spirit Magazine -Bellyqueen makes history as one of the first bellydance companies to be featured on this acclaimed magazine. – February 2008

Bellydance.comBellydancing in Shanghai Report. Written by Kaeshi – Fall 2007.

Bellydance Japan Vol 01 – An interview with Amar Gamal when she taught in Nagoya (June 2007), plus an interview with Kaeshi about Bellyqueen and PURE with a photo from PURE’s visit to Coney Island during 2007. (Written in Japanese) August 2007

Middle Eastern Dance in New England – Studying from Amar Gamal and Saida in Argentina. By Meiver – Sept / Oct 2007

Middle Eastern Magazine in Germany
Kaeshi is interviewed by German dancer and writer, Maiira for “Divan-Talk” in the May/June issue of the German bellydance magazine “Bundesverband fur Orientalischen Tanz e.V.” Read the article. (Written in German.) – May / June 2007

Bellyqueen at the first International Bellydance Conference in Canada by Gilded Serpent
Part One – Lectures, Workshops, Panel Discussions
Part Two Pg 1- Performances Thursday. Photos by Denise Marino.
Part Two Pg 2- Performances Friday. Photos by Denise Marino. – April 18th-22nd 2007

Toronto’s “Eye Weekly” (Equivalent of Village Voice in Toronto). In relation to Yasmina Ramzy’s Bellydance Conference. /issue_04.19.07/arts/artsweek _2.php
– April 19th 2007

ExploreDanceReview of the Bellyqueen’s show at the Kraine Theater. – March 2007:

Bellydance Oasis Kaeshi is featured in Australia’s leading bellydance magazine. – 2006

Papyrus Magazine – Kaeshi is featured in “Papyrus”, a Middle Eastern dance magazine written in French, published 4 times a year, and distributed in french Canada, Belgium, France and Switzerland. – January 2006

Village Voice Newspaper – Kaeshi appears with Akim the Funk Buddha and Myla for the cover of the Choices section of the Village Voice Newspaper. – Wednesday December 21st 2005

Late Night With Conan O’Brien, NBC Television Kaeshi, Layla Isis, Sira and Jeniviva dance with world music band, Yerba Buena. Airs from 12:35am – 1:35am on NBC. – Wednesday July 20th 2005

Live with Regis & Kelly TV – Amar Gamal, Rachel Brice and Ansuya performed on “Live With Regis And Kelly”, demonstrating Amercian Cabaret, Raqs Sharqi (Classical Cabaret) and Tribal Fusion styles of bellydance. Friday 9-10am E/T April 8th 2005

World Journal (Largest Chinese Newspaper in the US)
Article about Kaeshi written in Chinese. – April 2nd 2005

Habibi Magazine
Amar Gamal and Kaeshi are quoted on Habibi magazine in an article about bellydance fitness written by Karen Andes. – February 2005

John McEnroe Show on CNBC
Bellydance Superstars Sharon Kihara, Aubre Hill, Sonia, Ansuya, Kaeshi and Michelle Campbell appeared on the John McEnroe show on CNBC from 10-11pm across the US. It re-aired at 1am E/T. – Tues Dec 14th 10-11pm 2004

London Sunday Times Magazine
Miles Copeland, the Bellydance Superstars and Desert Roses in the London Sunday Times magazine.
– October 10th 2004

World Journal (Largest Chinese Newspaper in the US)
PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment) is mentioned in the World Journal newspaper. – July 17th 2004

Low Carb Energy Magazine
Bellyqueen’s DVD “Bellydance Jam” is featured for the fitness section of the September edition of Low Carb Energy magazine. – June 21st 2004

Gilded Serpent
April 17th 2004 Bellydance Superstars at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco

MTV Canada
Entire Bellydance Superstars and Desert Roses crew on MTV Canada, (Vancouver, BC) – April 13th 4pm 2004

Amar Gamal, Kaeshi and Jillina on City TV, Vancouver B.C., Canada – April 13th 6.45am 2004

Much More Music Canada
Ansuya, Rachel Brice and Kaeshi get interviewed by Richard Cazeau in Toronto for Much More Music Canada.
March 20th 9pm 2004

The Scene
Amar Gamal, Kaeshi and Sonia get interviewed for “The Scene” in NYC. March 14th 11.30pm 2004

Fox News
Amar Gamal, Kaeshi and Ansuya on Fox morning news, Washington DC. March 11th 7.40am 2004

Amar Gamal, Kaeshi and Ansuya on CBS morning news, Pittsburgh, PA. March 9th 9.45am 2004

Amar Gamal, Kaeshi and Jillina on Fox morning news in Las Vegas, NV. February 16th 8.00am 2004

Amar Gamal, Kaeshi and Jillina on CBS morning news in San Diego, CA. February 12th 7.20am 2004

NY Graham Norton
Kaeshi and friends, (another 7 dancers-Darshan, Ilene, Audrey Werner, Mashala, Midnight, Jani) and 6 drummers (Brad MacDonald, Vin Scialla, Rob Mastrianni, James, Keke, Andrew Potenza) performed in the snow right in the middle of Times Square for the NY Graham Norton show on BBC – equivalent to David Letterman in England. Airing soon.
January 27th 2004 8pm 2004

NTDTV Chinese New Years Gala
Kaeshi is one of 400 performers featured on NTDTV at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. Aired in the US, Asia, Europe and Australia. – January 17th 2004 8pm 2004

Jimmy Kimmel, ABC.
Bellyqueen appears as part of the Superstars of the Bellydance, and Desert Roses on Jimmy Kimmel. – Thursday June 19th 12.50pm 2003

Morning News ABC TV
Amar, Kaeshi, Jillina, Sonia and Ansuya go on Morning News for the ABC local to Kentucky and Cincinnati region.
Thursday July 14th 2003

Morning News ABC TV
Amar, Kaeshi, Jillina, Sonia, Ansuya and Georgianne go on Morning News for the ABC local to Wisconsin.
Wednesday July 9th 2003

Bellydance Superstars and Desert Roses shot a segment soon to be airing on MTV. Tune in to see Ansuya chatting to rock band Rooney, and see a small demonstration of belly rolling from Rachel Brice. – Wednesday July 9th 2003

World Peace Concert in Bali
Televised to 1.5 billion people. – June 14th 2003

WB11 Morning News
Kaeshi will be teaching some “belly moves” to weather anchor, Linda Church, on WB11 Morning News for Crunch Fitness. She is accompanied by Amar Gamal and additional dancers, Jennifer Sears, Mashala, Rose Freymuth and Audrey Werner. – June 2nd 7.50am 2003

Kazba Show
Bellyqueen will be taping performances and interviews for two shows on Renate’s television show, “Kazba” to be aired in the near future. – Monday April 14th 2003

TimeOut NY
Kaeshi’s bellydance class is mentioned in TimeOut NY magazine April 10th. – April 10th 2003

Inside Fitness
Bellyqueen shot a bellydancing for fitness segment for Inside Fitness with Bonnie Kaye for CBS News.
Saturday March 29th 2003

ABC Radio Australia
Kaeshi will be interviewed as an ex-Pat of Oz on Australian ABC Radio 702 Breakfast by host Angela Catterns. – Wednesday March 5th 2003

Univision Spanish TV – Monday Feb 17th 8-10am 2003

Bellyqueen will perform, teach and be interviewed on “Despierta America” Univision, Channel 23 in Miami. Performance and interview. Live.

NY Sun Newspaper
Kaeshi and some of her students are featured in the Health and Fitness section of the NY Sun newspaper, along with quotes from Morocco, Anahid Sofian, Nina Amar and Alyra Nurai. – Monday Feb 3rd 2003

Kaeshi was selected by Crunch Fitness to teach a short bellydance instructional segment to air on CNN. – December 2002

Review of Dalia Carella’s Off Broadway show, with Bellyqueen as guests at the Here Theater, 2002. – November 2002. Read the article.

Gilded Serpent
Review of Dalia Carella’s Off Broadway show, with Bellyqueen as guests at the Here Theater, Nov 2002. Read the article.

Food Network Channel 50:
Bellyqueen appearing on television as special guests on Gordon Elliot’s Door Knock Dinners. Photo-from left to right: John, Kaeshi, Amar Gamal, Gordon Elliot, Jenna, Brad MacDonald (Doumbek) Basya Schechter (Oud). – Mon 14th Feb 2000 9pm and 12am E/T

Food Network Channel 50. Tune in to see Amar Gamal’s solo performance on television. Sunday 14th Nov 1999 2.30pm E/T

New York TimesKaeshi performs in a Silicon Alley Talent Show representing MTV Online . –  April 1998