In October 1998, Kaeshi Chai had the opportunity to create a couple of special shows for a fashionable French/Morroccan restaurant named “L’Orange Bleue” located downtown in New York city. With the following criteria in mind she sought to combine forces with other girls who:

Share a deep passion and love for bellydance.
Can REALLY dance, not just look the part.
Are beautiful, not only visually but also in spirit and as people.
Are down to earth, despite their amazing talent.
Realize that hard work and commitment to excellence are required to develop as artists.

Amar Gamal and Jenna embodied all of these qualities. Kaeshi had come into contact with her through her meanderings in the New York bellydance scene and arranged for everyone to meet. They clicked.

At the time, Kaeshi was working as a graphic designer for MTV, and after hours, the girls would take over the conference rooms with their rehearsals. Numerous security guards were shocked when they accidentally stumbled on the troupe practising!

Everyone was amazed by the troupe’s natural chemistry on stage. The restaurant was thrilled with their work, and when the extended gig had finished, they continued performing together.

After many many hours of fierce debate, they agreed on a name, “Bellyqueen”.

Over the years, Bellyqueen has changed in size, morphing from as small as 2 to as large as 13.

Our main core in 2012 is comprised of Kaeshi, Elisheva, Sandralis Gines and Irina Akulenko.

We have had the pleasure to count many wonderful dancers as alumni “Queen” members including Susan Frankovich, Anasma, Fayzah and Sera Solstice.

We are also thankful to our former “Princesses” or “Queens-in-training”, Cara West, Ayano Imai, Ashley Bull, Cristina Rubio, Malaya, Lena Marti, Neva, Laurel, Bina Bora, Cherrelle, Raquel and Dariya Chugunova.

Guest artists we have had the pleasure of working with include Mariyah, Darshan, Geneva Bybee, Mimi Fontana, Kittarina, Julia Kulakova, Hypno, Tiny Love, Rodrigo, Shoko Tamai and Dorit Oitzinger.

Amar Gamal remains connected to Bellyqueen as a long distance member.