NYC Workshops

  • Sunday, June 4-5, 2017

    Absolute Beginner June Courses

    What: Learn bellydance step by step with other absolute beginner adults in a nurturing environment with Bellyqueen co-founder and master teacher, Kaeshi Chai, Aisha Cannon and Rachel Furr. The month of June will be focused on the Hathor and Ma’at curriculum. Where:... Read More

  • Friday, June 23, 2017

    BellySamba with Yamina Soreya

    WHAT: BellySamba! You’ll learn to mix the elegance, playfulness and sassiness of Rio samba style with the sensuality and emotion of Oriental dance. Use bellydance techniques such as body isolations, shimmies, undulations and twists layered with Brazilian moves.... Read More

  • Friday, August 4-8, 2017

    2017 Bellyqueen 40 hr Teacher Training

    WHAT This 40-hour course is ideal for serious students, current and aspiring teachers. Participants who pass the written and practical exam and practice teach a minimum of 20 hours outside of the training will be awarded a Bellyqueen Teacher Training... Read More