Celebration of Elisheva

Sunday, October 1, 2017

What: This evening will be a tribute to the life and legacy of Elisheva. Revisit some of her most memorable works, as well as choreographies influenced by her, portrayed by her closest friends and dance family.

Performances by:

Bellyqueen (Kaeshi Chai, Irina Akulenko, Sandralis, Maki Moves, Natalie Nazario, Cara West, Alice Giampieri)
Dalia Carella Dance Collective (Dalia Carella, Diane Hutchinson, Diego Alexio)
Raqs Sheva and Serpent’s Secret (Stacey Weber, Donna Cox, Kirah, Calixta Starr, Lillian, Elena, Alison, Peggy, Marlin, Mitzi, Dorothy, Roseann)
Sarah Skinner and the Sisters of Salome (Callista, Zaki, La Gina, Giselle, Renata, Salit, Zobeida, Zoe Smith)
Magic Circle (Bina Bora and Chrysalis) directed by Barbara Gluck
April Isis
Danielle Hutton
ShoShannah Estell
Djinn (Pete List, Carmine Guida, Brad MacDonald)

When: Sunday October 1st, 6.30-9pm (Doors open at 6pm)

Where: JCC Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave at 76th St, New York, NY

Cost: $20 Online Tickets:
We also set up an online fundraiser to help cover the expenses of the show which will take place in a beautiful theatre in Manhattan. Any overage will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute. https://www.youcaring.com/celebrationofelisheva