BellySamba with Yamina Soreya

Friday, June 23, 2017
BellySamba! You’ll learn to mix the elegance, playfulness and sassiness of Rio samba style with the sensuality and emotion of Oriental dance. Use bellydance techniques such as body isolations, shimmies, undulations and twists layered with Brazilian moves. Have fun and get energized!
440 Lafayette St, 4th Floor, Studio 4E, New York, NY 10003
$40, $50 after June 22nd.
$35 for Bellyqueen unlimited pass holders.
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Australian-based dancer Yamina Soreya has been performing & teaching her own fusion style of Oriental and Samba internationally since 2009. She has been studying Brazilian Dance and Middle-Eastern Dance for over a decade, both in France, Australia and overseas. In 2010, she was placed 2nd at the Bellydance Asia Competition with a BellySamba piece. She has performed in Rio in 2012 alongside Unidos da Tijuca who won the carnival that year! In 2015, she was selected to take part in the Bellyfusions Festival in Paris with an Oriental-Afro-Brazilian fusion. She is best-known for her boundless energy, her passion in sharing her dance vision and experience and her attention to detail.