Foam Rolling Workshop for Belly Dancers

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Do you have tight bits? If the answer is YES, then you need this foam rolling workshop with Perla Abdie and Albert Chan.

WHAT: Learn about active versus passive stretching and how foam rolling can give you more flexibility and help better prepare you for movement.

You will see live demonstrations and will be taught foam rolling and active stretching routines for common muscle soreness issues and learn mobility drills specially designed for dancers.

You will also learn about fascia, muscle tissue and the important role they play in movement and how foam rolling and active release therapy techniques with massage, trigger points, large surface area (foam rollers) and smaller surface area implements (lacrosse, tennis balls) can help you.

WHEN: Sun March 12th 6.30-8pm

WHERE: 440 Lafayette St, 4th Floor, Studio 4G, New York, NY 10003

COST: $28 adv, $35 after February 26th
Order a foam roller for $17 ($45 total) by February 26th

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If you already own a foam roller with the following specifications, bring it to the workshop, otherwise, you can order one from Perla and Albert by February 26th at the latest.

Foam Roller Specifications (Brands are unimportant):
Low-High Density Foam Roller ranging from 12 to 36 inches
Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller is good
Black High Density Foam Roller is good
Low density OPTP PRO Foam Roller is good
Note: Please avoid half-circle and overly texturized rollers (e.g. with spikes).

WHO: Perla Abdie is a Mexico City based Middle Eastern and fusion dancer and a professional translator with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in East Asian Studies (Asian Art & Performance). Her dance training began in 2009 under the unconventional and innovative teachings of of award winning Chinese dancer Yin Mei Critchell, which led to a profound desire to explore movement -when she discovered the creative and spiritual power of dance. She currently co-leads PURE Mexico. Her everyday training includes disciplines like Jungian philosophy, weightlifting, gymnastics, Latin dances, bellydance and modern fusion jazz.

Albert Chan is a New York-based competitive amateur powerlifter and personal trainer with a lifelong dedication to fitness and health. Enabling others to become better, stronger versions of themselves by passing on knowledge and through practical application has become a passion. Balancing a life with a new wife, a dog, a cat, and soon a baby with that Passion hasn’t always been easy but living by and setting examples lets others know it can be done.

Perla and Albert met while training in 2010 and worked as a team (Albert as a trainer and Perla as a competitor) to compete in natural bodybuilding – winning 1st place in figure at the OCB Tri-State 2011 Championships and 3rd place in bikini at the MuscleMania NYC 2012 Championships. Ever since they have become best friends and meet every year to share their passion.